Oil Tank Inspection & Removal Service

Oil Tank Inspection & Oil Tank Removal

Oil Tank Services offers a range of services including oil tank sweep, oil tank removal, and oil tank remediation to residential and commercial clients. Our professional technicians perform all of the investigations, removal, and soil remediation needed to ensure the property is clean and safe.


Oil Tank Services: Removal

Oil Tank Services will obtain the required permits for the customer and arrange for inspection by the city official along with a utilities mark out. Once the oil tank is removed, it is set aside for required inspection. Once inspection is complete, Oil Tank Services will remove the tank and fill in the hole on the property.

Oil Tank Services

Underground Inspections & Sweeps

Oil Tank Services will investigate past or present existence of underground oil tanks using a ground penetrating radar, with steel rods to verify length, capacity & direction of oil tanks. Our methods are non-intrusive and rely on top-class equipment to investigate the presence of oil tanks on a property.

Oil Tank Services: Remediation

If a fuel oil discharge is detected, Oil Tank Services will quickly and efficiently provide all services necessary, including excavation and proper disposal of contaminated soil, for the oil tank owner to receive a coveted “No Further Action” (NFA) letter from the NJDEP, resolving all environmental issues at the property.

Soil Testing

Oil Tank Services will perform complete soil testing to determine whether there is fuel oil contaminated soil and its extent. Soil samples are collected six to seven inches beneath the underground oil tank and three to four inches away from the tank edges. An analysis is conducted by an NJDEP lab and a detailed report provided.


Oil Tank Services is a fully licensed and insured (certification LIC # US01134) tank services company in New Jersey. We have more than 20 years of experience in the oil tank industry, and we provide our oil tank services in all of the New Jersey counties.

When it comes to oil tank services, we are the experts. We employ expert technicians and a proven process. With our free, no obligation estimates, advice, and consultations, there is no reason not to call Oil Tank Services about the oil tank on your property.

Oil Tank Removal Consultation


"Went above and beyond."


Robby & his team went above and beyond to inspect my new property for an oil tank, test the soil and remove the underground tank they found.

I would recommend Robby and Oil Tank Services for any property inspection and plan on using them for all of my properties in my new house-flipping venture in Union County.

"Attention to detail."


One of the most impressive things about Robby and Oil Tank Services is their attention to detail.

Their soil testing and site remediation service is top notch and their process is very professional. I received my report within a few days and it outlined everything I needed to know about my property.

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