Why Get An Oil Tank Sweep, NJ?

Oil Tank sweep NJ

Underground heating oil tanks are very common in the Northeast. Standard home inspections do not search and provide this information. If you are unsure whether your property or a property you’re considering contains an underground oil tank, contact Oil Tank Services. An oil tank sweep is what is needed to determine if there is an underground oil tank on the property.

While most states require that sellers disclose the existence of oil tanks, this is only done if the previous owner is aware of the tank. In the 1930s, most homes switched from coal to oil. It was very common in 1930s through the 1950s for homes to be built with oil tanks somewhere on the property. Once the homes were changed from oil heating to more modern methods, the underground oil tanks were covered. If you are unsure or unaware of an oil tank abandonment on a property, an oil tank sweep provides you with the knowledge and peace of mind that you are indeed getting the information you need from a professional who knows how to investigate properly.

A hidden oil tank is a serious issue that has long lasting consequences to the soil and groundwater on a property. Our oil tank sweep services give you peace of mind and answer any questions about your tank. Our experienced team performs an investigation on the property and provides you with a report of the findings.
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Tank Investigation Process

oil tank investigation process

All oil tank sweeps performed by Oil Tank Services begin with a visual inspection in the basement. The next step is to utilize a Fisher, TW-6 magnetometer. This is the best in any geophysical inspection. The magnetometer is used to sweep the entire property for the past or present existence of an oil tank. If an oil tank is not detected, the property owner is given a report stating this information. If an oil tank is found, Oil Tank Services provides a detailed report stating the findings to the property owner, along with information regarding next steps.

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Our methods are non-intrusive, relying on top-class equipment to investigate the presence of underground storage tanks. We provide full reports of our oil tank sweep investigation.

Don’t wait to schedule your oil tank sweep NJ! Once an oil tank reaches a stage of corrosion and leaking, oil tank remediation is needed. Oil tank remediation services begin at $10,000 and increase based on the amount of damage caused by the leaking oil tank. Save yourself time and financial stress by scheduling your oil tank sweep as soon as possible. If a tank on a property you own leaks oil, you are legally liable for the entire cleanup. Get a fast and thorough report of our inspection findings and rest easy knowing there are no surprises.

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If you need an oil tank sweep NJ company, Oil Tank Services in New Jersey is the right choice. We are an oil tank investigation, removal, and remediation company that has been in business for over 20 years We provides oil tank inspections and tank sweep services to homeowners and home buyers. We provide detailed reports for all oil tank sweeps, oil tank removals, and oil tank remediation. We have technicians who are the best at what they do. Our services will save you time and money.

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Oil Tank services company in New Jersey is your best option when it comes to oil tank sweeps, removal, and remediation in the state. Our services comply with the regulations of the state as we are fully licensed and insured (certification LIC # US01134) Call us today for more information and to schedule your no cost consultation.

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