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Until the early 1930s most homes used coal as their source of heat. In the 1930s, through the 1950s, oil tanks were installed on properties as the heating source for homes. However, after the 1950s, natural gas became the most common method with which to heat homes and oil tanks fell into disuse. These oil tanks were then covered, forgotten, and have since aged.

With underground oil tanks nearing 100 years in age, most homeowners have forgotten or are unaware of their existence. It is essential to locate and have the oil tanks removed due to the amount of rust and corrosion that has occurred. The risks associated with oil tanks are leaks resulting in pollution and contaminated soil, surface, ground, and drinking water.

Underground oil tank removal in New Jersey is a must if you plan to sell your home, or are searching for a new home. The presence of an oil tank on a property means the chance for a leak to occur increases with time. Oil Tank Services provides all services necessary for the tank owner to receive a “No Further Action” letter from the New jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s (NJDEP) department.

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Oil Tank Removal Process

Underground Oil Tank Removal NJ

Oil Tank Services is fully licensed and insured (certification LIC # US01134) within the state of New Jersey and is your best option when oil tank removal (NJ) is necessary. The oil tank removal process begins with a licensed professional performing a free inspection on the property. Oil Tank Services assesses the job first, then provides a quote. Oil Tank Services acquires all necessary permits and schedules all permits. The oil tank removal process takes one day. The removal begins with the removal of the ground covering the oil tank. A hole is then cut into the top of the tank, the old oil is pumped out, and the tank is fully cleaned and dried. This ensures there will be no spilled oil while the tank is being removed.

After the oil tank is removed from the ground, it is set aside for a required inspection. Oil Tank Services ensures the inspector is on site to perform all the necessary inspections. Once the inspections are complete and approved, the oil tank is removed and the hole in the property is then filled back to grade. Oil Tank Services in New Jersey prides itself on the quality of the job and the efficiency with which we complete oil tank removals in one day.

If oil discharge was detected, it is essential to have oil tank remediation performed. Oil Tank Services is a fully licensed environmental company under the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s (NJDEP’s) Unregulated Heating Oil Tank (UHOT). Oil tank remediation is quickly and efficiently completed for the tank owner to receive a coveted “No Further Action” (NFA) letter from the NJDEP, resolving all environmental issues at their property. For more information on oil tank remediation, please contact our office and our experienced personnel will be happy to provide you with a scheduled time to receive a quote.

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Best Oil Tank Removal NJ

When it comes to oil tank removal services, we are the experts. Oil Tank Services gets the job done right, every time. We have a proven process and employ expert technicians.

Being in business for over 20 years with an exceptional track record has resulted in trust from the NJDEP. Oil Tank Services gets the No Further Action letters from the department at a much faster pace than most other companies.

Once the oil tank removal process is complete, we continue to work with eligible homeowners through the process of applying with the grants and loans programs through the state of New Jersey for possible reimbursement.

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