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Site Remediations

I have to show you an article I just came across in North Jersey news ( about what happens if you don’t do your homework, or take care of a problem in it’s right time (depends which side of the fence your on). Read here about litigation and $62,000 of cleanup costs. In short, A couple…

Tank Installation

When choosing an above ground oil tank, here is a list of “must have’s”. Make Sure The Footing Is Secure We use a concrete or cement pad to place the tank on. If you don’t, you will have corrosion Galvanized Steel Outer Tank To prevent corrosion High Density Polyethylene Inner Tank To prevent rust and…

Educational Seminars For Realtors & Lawyers

There are many methods to test for underground tank leakage. So what’s the prefered method? Although no method is foolproof, soil testing is the most accurate and reliable method. This manual method consists of boring holes around the perimeter of the tank and taking soil samples, sort of like a biopsy of the soil. The…

Out of site – out of mind, right? Not when it comes to oil tanks. The soil is not the best place to put metals that can easily corrode and rust, but that’s where our grandaddies thought it would be best placed. The problem is that when it does leak, it causes a lot of…

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